Georgia Girl's Wedding Traditions

The origin of most of our

wedding traditions

stem from superstitions, and are handed down by folk lore. Because of this you will find various legends of our most popular customs.

Traditions vary from culture to culture. Some are widely used in modern wedding ceremonies, while others exist only within a certain race or culture.

While we hope you will enjoy the following legends and lore, if you are planning your wedding, we encourage you to do things "your way." It's your special day and there are no iron-clad rules.

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Page 1 Proposals, The Engagement Ring, The Engagement Party, The Dowry, Bridal Showers, Bachelor Party and Love Tokens

Page 2 Ritual Bath, Bride's Dress, Wedding Veil, Handkerchief, Trousseau, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe 

Page 3 The Bridesmaids, Bestman and Child Attendants

Page 4 Bridal Flowers and the Bride's Bouquet

Page 5 Getting to the Church, Wedding March, Bride on Groom's Left, Family Seating, Giving Away The Bride, White Aisle Runner, Taking Each Other's Right Hand, Groom Gives First Vows, The Wedding Ring, Wedding Kiss, Unity Candle, Arch Of Swords Following Ceremony 

Page 6 The Wedding Cake and Toasting 

Page 7 Throwing The Garter, Tossing The Bridal Bouquet, Loud Noise, Throwing Rice, Old Shoes 

Page 8 Good Fortune and Carrying The Bride Across The Threshold 

Page 9 Four Legends of The Origin of The Honeymoon 

Page 10 Tying The Knot and Jumping The Broom, Sawhorsing 

Page 11 Traditions From Various Countries And Cultures