What Kind of Lover Are You?

This test will help you learn what your style of loving is. Check if you agree or disagree with each statement as it relates to your current relationship (with a lover, significant other, or spouse). If you aren't in a relationship right now, think of your ideal relationship and your beliefs about relationships in general.

Agree Disagree
1. My partner and I were attracted to each other immediately when we first met.

2. My partner and I have the right physical "chemistry" between us.

3. Our lovemaking is very intense and satisfying.

4. I feel that my partner and I were meant for each other.

5. My partner and I became physically or emotionally involved rather quickly.

6. My partner and I really understand each other.

7. My partner fits my ideal standards of physical beauty /handsomeness.

8. I try to keep my partner a little uncertain about my commitment to him/her.

9. I believe that what my partner doesn't know about me won't hurt him/her.

10. I have sometimes had to keep two of my partners from finding out about each other.

11. I can get over love affairs pretty easily and quickly.

12. My partner would get upset if s/he knew of some of the things I've done with other people.

13. When my partner gets too dependent on me, I want to back off a little.

14. I enjoy playing the "game of love" with a number of different partners.

15. It is hard to say exactly where the friendship ends and love begins.

16. I cannot love unless I've first had caring for a while.

17. I still have good friendships with almost everyone with whom I have ever been  involved in a love relationship.

18. The best kind of love grows out of a long friendship.

19. It is hard to say exactly when my partner and I fell in love.

20. Love is really a deep friendship, not a mysterious, mystical emotion.

21. My most satisfying love relationships have developed from good relationships.

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