Loving Nature Quiz

Are you a warm and caring person? Do you have a loving nature?

"True love is knowing a person's faults, and loving them even more for them."
- Mandy Hampton

Yes No
1. Do you occasionally take time to evaluate yourself and those people whom you profess to love?

2. Do you remember your family and friends with cards and letters?

3. Are you enough concerned to take an active interest in at least one civil organization?

4. Would you be willing to sponsor a child from a war-torn country?

5. Does it please you to give gifts to others?

6. Is it easy for you to say ''thank you'' to those who give you service?

7. Can you forgive and forget?

8. Were you reared in a loving environment?

9. Do you usually find that people older than yourself are boring?

10. Is there in or around your living quarters at least one growing plant or pet which you take care of?

11. Do you enjoy television shows or motion pictures which depict scenes of happy families and tender romance?

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